Rachel Blumberg is an educator and multidisciplinary artist who works in the realms of audio, visual, and film art.  She makes hand made stop motion animation, which includes making music videos for folks like Gillian Welch, Iron & Wine, and Jesca Hoop, among others. Her visual artwork, made in many different mediums, has been shown in galleries and other arts spaces around the US. She is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist and has toured all over the world and recorded with many widely acclaimed artists including The Decemberists, M.Ward, Bright Eyes, Califone, Mirah, Tara Jane O’Neil, Michael Hurley, Sam Beam/Jesca Hoop, Laura Gibson and Death Vessel.  She also composes her own music and performs and records both under her name, and under her moniker Arch Cape. Much of her visual work, animation and paintings alike, originate from her former work as an archaeologist, with a focus on the natural world and the ways in which human cultures observe and understand the mysteries that abound. Her current work includes an interactive audio - visual installation where drawings turn into sound and then into projections which she first premiered at the RISD Museum and an animation and soundscape piece for the RISD Museum which will begin showing in October as part of the exhibit “Repair”. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she now resides in coastal New England. 

'Rachel Blumberg has an incredible talent to convey a mood and completely tell a story with a single painting. Though she splits her time between being a drummer for bands... she still somehow has enough time to create these amazing paintings. Go figure."

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